Conference Summaries

Behavioral Science 2018: Customer Experience

Customer Experience and Behavioral Science – A Moment of Truth
Mark Berry, Ipsos and Namika Sagara, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center

Stopping “Hedonic Decline” of Once-Loved Products
Jeff Galak, Carnegie Mellon University

How Human Behavior Works Against Us When It Comes to Saving Adequately for Retirement
Justin Clowes, The Vanguard Group

When the “Customer” Is a Couple: Understanding Financial Decision-Making as a Joint Process 
Jenny Olson, Indiana University

Broadening Customer Understanding Through Holistic Customer Job and Behavioral Research
Mark Schneid, Bayer Crop Science

The Upside of Busyness: How Feeling Busy Can Increase Productivity
Keith Wilcox, Columbia University

What Makes an Experience Irresistible?
Adam Alter, New York University

Building Up Behavioral Insights Muscle to Drive Organizational Transformation
Ginny Too, Comcast

Why Goal Pursuit Fails: Mistaking Efficiency for Effectiveness
Jordan Etkin, Duke University

The Intersection of Image and Text in Social Media Conversations
Jenna Raypon Gopilan, Crimson Hexagon

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Behavioral Science 2018: Customer Experience

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