Stick the Landing with Analytic Ops

Kathy Koontz, Practice Director Customer Journey, Teradata

Just like Shaun White’s double-corked 1440s in the Winter Olympics, you can do a lot of complex activity in Marketing Analytics. But if you don’t stick the landing, it doesn’t really count. As companies continue to solve challenges around leveraging big data and applying advanced analytics, that landing comes when those capabilities are automated across the entire enterprise. Optimal analytic value comes when insights and new models can be integrated into operational decision making in a matter of days from the time they’re identified. Companies struggle to rapidly iterate; develop, tune and deploy models; and optimize and automate decisions across hundreds of analytic models, often directing different business processes. Kathy Koontz, Practice Director for Teradata’s Customer Journey Practice will provide perspectives on how organizations can ensure that after all the amazing twists and turns of their analytic work, they can stick the landing.

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