Spending the Next $1 in an Omni-Channel Business

Tom Tang, Vice President Marketing Analytics, Walmart

Over the years, a variety of measurement approaches have proven to help marketers deploy their dollars more effectively across specific channels and/or strategies. With today’s ever-changing and dynamic retail shopping behavior, the need has arisen for flexible measurement solutions that can effectively evaluate strategy across stores, ecommerce, and an ever-growing number of marketing touchpoints – a challenge the team at Walmart faces on a regular basis. Tom Tang will discuss how MMM and MTA solutions can be used to set a solid omni-channel marketing strategy by complementing the strengths and weaknesses of each solution. He will talk about elevating efficiency in existing channels through the use of marginal return curves. In addition, he will discuss an approach on how to identify and test into new marketing channels. Ultimately, he will help understand how all these elements work together for a best-in-class measurement program where the next dollar is spent effectively.

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