Poster: Love, Lies, and Money: Financial Infidelity within Romantic Relationships

Hristina Nikolova, Boston College

Poster Session Presentation

Romantic relationships are built on trust, yet when it comes to money, partners are not always honest about their financial practices—partners may hide spending, debt, and even savings and income from one another. Although financial infidelity is common among couples and has direct implications for consumption, it been largely ignored by marketing scholars. Hristina Nikolova will present her new work on financial infidelity in which she and her co-authors define what financial infidelity is and what types of behaviors fall under this umbrella term; develop and validate a 12-item Financial Infidelity Scale (FI-Scale) to assess individual variation in consumers’ financial infidelity proneness; and, most importantly, demonstrate the impact of financial infidelity proneness on consumer choices (e.g., preferences for discreet payment methods, non-descript product packaging, digital receipts, and stores). Hristina Nikolova will also discuss the practical implications of these findings for marketers and financial planners.

Learn more from Hristina Nikolova in her Lunch Lecture, "Consumers Make Joint Decisions All The Time... What Should Marketers Do Differently?"

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