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  • Langham Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

    Marketing Metrics and Financial Performance

    It is said that at least half of all advertising spending is ineffective, that up to 80% of new-product initiatives fail commercially, and that 85% of sales promotions lose money. Such sobering statistics invite a deeper examination of the productivity of…

  • InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel
    San Francisco, California

    Board of Trustees Meeting: Beyond Marketing Mix: Making Marketing More Effective [Fall 2006]

    (Note: Open only to corporate and academic members of the Board of Trustees.) Channel proliferation and media fragmentation (including consumer-generated media) have complicated the marketing mix. Further, with 80% of the U.S. economy now in the service…

  • Le Meridien Park Atlantic Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

    The New Competition: Challenges and Opportunities

    The beginning of the 21st century has marked substantial changes in the competitive landscape worldwide. The expansion of free-trade zones, the massive outsourcing of supplies and labor, the appearance of basket currencies, and especially the spread of the…

  • UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management,

    Co-sponsored Conference: Marketing Dynamics

    Jointly sponsored by ISMS, the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), the University of California at Riverside, Columbia Business School, and UCLA, the 2006 Marketing Dynamics Conference built on the inaugural conference hosted by the Tuck School of Business at…

  • Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Business Insights from Consumer Culture

    For decades, firms have sought marketing insights through the use of ethnographic methods that investigate consumer cultures and subcultures. This conference, chaired by Professor John Deighton of the Harvard Business School, explored the state of ethnography…

  • Langham Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

    Board of Trustees Meeting: Marketing in Real Time [Spring 2006]

    As the Internet shifts power to consumers, there is less time—but also more resources—to sense rapidly changing market conditions. How can you enhance your organization's "peripheral vision" to avoid being blindsided? How can you learn and benefit…

  • Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Santa Monica, California

    Taking Stock of Customer Relationships

    Almost two decades have passed since companies began implementing formal customer relations processes, typically based on large, centralized IT platforms. The aim of this conference was to take a long-range view—both past and future—of how CRM has impacted…

  • University Park Hotel @ MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Marketing, Sales, and Customers

    Who owns pricing? Who owns the website? Who owns telemarketing? Most importantly, who owns the customer? While the marketing/sales relationship has always been difficult, the need for productive cross-functional relations has intensified with the proliferation…

  • Sofitel Chicago Water Tower, Chicago, Illinois

    Board of Trustees Meeting: Connecting with Customers in a Complex World [Fall 2005]

    The pressure is on for organic growth: new markets, new customers, and new sales to existing customers. Merely identifying and targeting customers is not enough. Today, companies need to truly connect with customers in diverse segments and markets through…

  • Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore

    Asian Marketing Conference

    Jointly sponsored by MSI, Australian Graduate School of Management, and Singapore Management University, this unique forum provided Chief Marketing Officers throughout Asia with exclusive exposure to the latest marketing thinking in the company of their peers.…

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