Roundtable Testimonials

MSI roundtables are organized to provide forums for marketers to discuss tactical and strategic challenges and opportunities with peers in “real time.” These groups are made up of 10 or so members from noncompeting companies, who meet approximately twice a year to discuss issues identified by the group. Participants set the agenda and meet (usually at rotating corporate locations) to exchange ideas and perspectives. In addition, each group includes an academic advisor from leading business schools. These groups provide an invaluable opportunity to tap into MSI’s unique network of marketers and academic experts. Roundtables are free of charge (included in your annual membership) and open to anyone (even non-trustees) at your organization.

“The MSI roundtables provide a great forum to discuss real world issues that were common to the members and learn from each other. The blend of industries and academia created a great setting to learn from one another.”
—David N. Moore, US Customer Touchpoints, Eli Lilly and Company

“I’ve found both roundtables I’ve attended to be a worthwhile opportunity to both learn and collaborate. It’s great to understand what challenges we have in common and discuss approaches for resolving. It’s also been nice to start building relationships with colleagues – I’m definitely looking forward to the next session.”
Mark Schwartz, Senior Business Leader, Visa Inc.

“The experience I’ve had as a member of a MSI roundtable has been invaluable to me and my team and worth the membership alone. To be able to share best practices and advice with thought-leading colleagues validates our company’s practices, brings innovation to our initiatives and helps me do my job better in a way that no other forum has. I highly recommend the opportunity to interact with other member colleagues at a MSI roundtable to drive business impact and support the success of your career.”
—Brennan Dell, Program Director, Talent & Capabilities, Dell Marketing University

“MSI Roundtables are a great opportunity to learn from and benchmark with top notch companies. Trending topics help keep the learning fresh. Since sessions include only non-compete companies, ideas and case studies flow freely. After every session, I leave with ideas on ways to improve our consumer insight capabilities.
—Dawn Houghton, Senior Director, Global Innovation GMRA, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“The roundtables I have attended have been extremely valuable. They have provided an excellent opportunity to learn how others are approaching similar challenges, to exchange best practices, and to brainstorm collaboratively on new approaches to shared issues. I always leave the roundtables with tangible learnings and insights that I can apply to my work and that I can share with others within my organization.”
—Beth Levy, Director of Marketing – Customer Lifecycle Management, UPS

MSI Roundtables provide a valuable forum for the exchange of research ideas among non-competing member companies. We’ve discussed several interesting and relevant topics over the last few years. In particular, the Storytelling session was really useful. I shared several ideas that others were able to leverage, and I learned about several reporting and storytelling techniques that I was able to adapt to our situation. Each session seems to produce benefits like this – a mutually useful exchange of ideas. I look forward to these Roundtable sessions, and am disappointed if my schedule prevents me from attending.”
—Lori Kneisler, General Motors

“I leave each MSI Roundtable experience with better knowledge about how marketing operates in different companies and industries. This across-industry perspective is valuable in generating the best insights. The candid sharing of knowledge and experience is valuable to all of us trying to build a better understanding of how to manage marketing in today’s complex environment. Participants listen and support one another on this journey by offering accounts of successful and unsuccessful marketing activities.”
—Christine Moorman, Duke