Member Roundtables

MSI roundtables are organized to provide forums for marketers from MSI member companies to discuss tactical and strategic challenges and opportunities with peers in “real time.” These groups are made up of 10 or so members from noncompeting companies, who meet approximately twice a year to discuss issues identified by the group. Participants set the agenda and meet (usually at rotating corporate locations) to exchange ideas and perspectives. These groups provide an invaluable opportunity to tap into MSI’s unique network of marketers and academic experts.


One member called the experience he had as a member of a MSI roundtable “invaluable to me and my team and worth the membership alone”. Hear what more members have to say here.

Interested in Participating?

Please call or email Kate Grey, Director of Corporate Engagement ( or 617.491.2060) to get involved, suggest topics, or refer representatives from your organization. We currently only include noncompeting companies from non-supplier side member organizations. There are always ways to get involved, so don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more!

Current Roundtable Topics

  • Advanced Analytics, Tools & Techniques

    This group is for serious marketing scientists who want to discuss latest modeling tools & techniques. Some titles of attendees include Senior Manager of Data Strategy & Ops, marketing Analytics & Insights; Lead Data Scientist; Measurement & Insights Researcher; Market Research Loyalty; Methods Principle Global Consumer Insights; Global Analytics Senior Manager; Director of Marketing Analytics; SVP Director of Decision Analytics & Research; Senior Director of Research; Director of Consumer Insights & Analytics, etc.

    Topics of interest to the group:

    • Optimal experimental design & quasi natural experiments
    • Integrating insights and closed loop measurement
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
    • Decision inputs: data sparsity, using real-time data, customer satisfaction measurement, mobile data, fundamentals in accuracy of data
    • Decision processing infrastructure: speed at which marketing analytics results can be useful or actionable, experiences in accessing various data streams, warehousing and archiving
    • Methods: machine learning approaches, tools besides MMM, predicting rare or unusual events, choice experiments for profit vs. share, using behavioral data to identify customers, understanding churn, linking to marketing sales & profit
    • Programmatic buying
    • Implications of mobile transactions and mobile payments\
    • Leveraging social listening platforms to generate insights

    Academic Advisor: Carl Mela, Duke University

  • Consumer Insights

    This group is comprised of senior level managers in consumer insights roles at their organizations. Discussions incorporate techniques and methods along with the managerial implications and challenges as related to the role and influence in the organization. Some titles of attendees include VP of Research; Director of Global Consumer Insights; VP Global Research; Marketing Insights Manager; Director Consumer Insights & Strategy; Technical Director Digital Market Research; etc.

    Topics of interest to the group:

    • Issues in communicating and embedding insights within the organization
    • Marketing the value of the research organization
    • Techniques for synthesis of findings
    • Building consulting skills within the insights function
    • Annual planning and team structures
    • How the marketing research function is evolving: what to hire for vs. what to train for, recruiting techniques, new roles & responsibilities  
    • Redesigning the research process: merging with new technologies & data, the role of new vendors
    • Predictive analytics & future trend mining
    • Knowledge management systems: how to organize research, store, and distribute
    • Resource allocation

     Academic Advisor: Jeff Inman, University of Pittsburgh

  • Marketing Education

    The “original” roundtable. Members of this group should have responsibilities in marketing training, development, and competencies at their organization, as well as overseeing their corporate universities or training programs.

     Academic Advisor: Rohit Deshpande, Harvard University

  • Marketing Learning

    Members of this group should have responsibilities in marketing training, development, and competencies at their organization, as well as overseeing their corporate universities or training programs. Some titles of attendees include Global Training Director; Director of Marketing Excellence; Transformation, Talent & learning Leader; Senior Director of Marketing and Sales Institute; Global Marketing Capability & Effectiveness Leader; Global Marketing Capabilities, Training, and Development;  VP of Marketing Capability & Business Planning, etc.


    Topics of interest to the group:

    • Curriculum Strategy
    • “Marketing” marketing training/development
    • Organizational structure and career development in Marketing
    • Evaluating marketing competencies and capabilities: metrics, gaps and challenges
    • Approaches to global learning
    • Digital marketing & social media: competencies and capabilities
    • Virtual Learning: challenges, uses, best practices
    • Metrics: Evaluating your marketing learning system & assessing success
    • Rewards & recognition: How effective are rewards/awards in driving the adoption of marketing training or changing behaviors
    • Training teams vs. individuals
    • Role profiles: socializing profiles in the marketing organization, experiences and skills for each role, competencies for roles
    • Career tools: for each role, career paths, vendors/firms/schools
    • Experiential learning: institutionalizing experiential and on the job learning,  tools for managers to teach this way, creating a culture for experiential learning, methods such as apprenticeship, rotational, project-based, mentorships, etc.

    Academic advisor: Christine Moorman, Duke University

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