Relevant Knowledge Series

Innovation Diffusion and New Product Growth


Eitan Muller, Renana Peres, and Vijay Mahajan


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MSI Relevant Knowledge Series - Innovation Diffusion and New Product Growth

The ninth book in MSI's Relevant Knowledge Series, Innovation Diffusion and New Product Growth by Eitan Muller, Renana Peres, and Vijay Mahajan, offers a framework for understanding how diffusion occurs in today’s multifaceted and complex markets. In their review of classic and more recent diffusion models, the authors investigate the mechanisms that underlie new product growth—with particular attention to current market trends such as information proliferation, globalization, competition, social networks, and growth in service markets. 106 pages.

Readers say:

Innovation Diffusion and New Product Growth puts the facts on the table. It is essential reading for managers who are trying to set realistic expectations about the innovation process and consumer adoption of products. Jim S. Figura, Vice President, Global Consumer Insights, Colgate-Palmolive Company

A readable and useful synthesis of research findings in the critical area of new product adoption. The book nicely blends theory—by explaining the formulas underlying diffusion—with substantive findings. Donald R. Lehmann, George E. Warren Professor of Business, Columbia University

I was amazed at how much is known about the diffusion of innovations, given the vast complexities of markets and social networks. This book does a wonderful job of laying out the framework and current knowledge. Jeffrey Hartley, Technical Director, Global Consumer and Product Research, General Motors Corporation

This is a comprehensive review and insightful classification of the broad literature on diffusion of new products; it constitutes a valuable resource for the novice, researcher, and manager. Gerard J. Tellis, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Global Innovation, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


Understanding Innovation Diffusion * Beyond a Theory of Communications * The Bass Model * Turning Points in the Product Life Cycle * Spatial Effects in Diffusion of Innovations * Diffusion and Competition * Effects of Pricing and Advertising * Diffusion and Social Networks * New Product Growth in Specific Industries * Choosing the Right Model * Knowledge Gaps in Innovation Diffusion

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