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Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact: What We Have Learned from Academic Research


Dominique M. Hanssens


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Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact, edited by UCLA Prof. Dominique M. Hanssens, surveys the academic research to determine “what we know” about the impact of marketing activities on product and company performance.MSI Relevant Knowledge Series - Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact

With over 80 contributions from leading marketing scholars, it summarizes current knowledge about the impact of marketing spending in 16 topic areas. 

Named a “must-read book for marketing professionals” by Quirk’s Market Research Media,Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impact offers evidence-based managerial insights that will help marketers more effectively measure and allocate their spending—and make the case for marketing investments to CEOs and CFOs.


Market Orientation and Marketing Capabilities * Effects of Economic Cycles * Customer Satisfaction * Objective and Perceived Quality * Market Share * Order of Entry * Sales Takeoff and Diffusion * Product Innovation * Price Effects * Brands and Brand Loyalty * Price Promotions * Personal Selling * Distribution * Advertising * Marketing Mix * Competitive Reaction

“The most succinct, valuable, and readable inventory of what we know about the impact of marketing variables and the conditions under which they hold." Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“Summarizes all we know about what works and what is myth in marketing—based on meta-analyses from hundreds of rigorous studies. This is the “über” FAQ for the evidence-oriented marketer and practicing marketing scientist.” Francois Christen, VP, Enterprise Marketing, Marketing Insights and Measurement, Wells Fargo & Co.

Read a review at MarketingNPV.

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