Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance


Edited by Christine Moorman and Donald R. Lehmann


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Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance offers a powerful set of tools—from stock return response modeling to historical analysis—to help researchers investigate how marketing influences firm performance. Addressing a topic of critical enduring importance to marketing, Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance aims to foster new and more effective thinking about marketing’s role in the firm.


Introduction: “Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance: How Do We Get There?” by Christine Moorman, Duke University, and Donald R. Lehmann, Columbia University

Chapter One: “Event Studies in Marketing Strategy Research” by Sundar Bharadwaj, Emory University, and Raji Srinivasan, University of Texas-Austin

Chapter Two: “Stock Return Response Modeling” by Natalie Mizik, Columbia University, and Robert Jacobson, University of Washington

Chapter Three: “Deterministic and Stochastic Approaches for Assessing Marketing Efficiency” by Shantanu Dutta, University of Southern California, Wagner Kamakura, Duke University, and Brian T. Ratchford, University of Maryland

Chapter Four: “Persistence Modeling for Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance” by Marnik G. Dekimpe, Catholic University of Leuven and Erasmus University, and Dominique M. Hanssens, UCLA

Chapter Five: “Structural Models of Competition: A Marketing Strategy Perspective” by Pradeep K. Chintagunta, University of Chicago, Vrinda Kadiyali, Cornell University, and Naufel J. Vilcassim, London Business School

Chapter Six: “Survival Models for Marketing Strategy” by Douglas Bowman, Emory University

Chapter Seven: “Assessing the Impact of Marketing Strategy Using Meta-Analysis” by John U. Farley, Dartmouth College, Scott Hoenig, Temple University, Donald R. Lehmann, Columbia University, and David M. Szymanski, Texas A&M University

Chapter Eight: “Historical Research in Marketing Strategy: Method, Myths, and Promise” by Rajesh K. Chandy, University of Minnesota, Peter N. Golder, New York University, and Gerard J. Tellis, University of Southern California

Chapter Nine: “Text Analysis as a Tool for Assessing Marketing Strategy Performance” by José Antonio Rosa, Case Western Reserve University, Jelena Spanjol, Texas A&M University, and Joseph F. Porac, New York University

Chapter Ten: “Agent-Based Modeling: Gaining Insight into Firm and Industry Performance” by Robert F. Lusch, University of Arizona, and Nicholas S. P. Tay, University of Dayton

Chapter Eleven: “Complex, Yet Simple: Cellular Automata as an Enabling Technology in Marketing Strategy Research” by Jacob Goldenberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Barak Libai and Eitan Muller, Tel Aviv University

Chapter Twelve: “A Network Perspective on Marketing Strategy Performance” by Mark Houston, University of Missouri, Columbia, Michael Hutt, Arizona State University, Christine Moorman, Duke University, Peter H. Reingen, Arizona State University, Aric Rindfleisch, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Vanitha Swaminathan, University of Pittsburgh, and Beth Walker, Arizona State University

Chapter Thirteen: “Challenges and Advances in Marketing Strategy Field Research” by Sandy D. Jap, Emory University, and Erin Anderson, INSEAD

Christine Moorman is Professor of Marketing, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. Donald R. Lehmann is George E. Warren Professor of Business, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University.



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