Top Ten Articles in 2013

MSI Top Ten 2013Which MSI articles were most-read in 2013? To start the new year, we looked back and compiled our top ten list (listed in order of number of views).

  1. Jonah Berger Talks About the Science of Word of Mouth

    What makes some products and messages catch on like wildfire and others die out?

  2. The Seven Dimensions of Brand Love

    Understanding "deep attachment" offers insights into how brand attraction or liking can be intensified.

  3. Why Marketers Should Aim for “Ordinary” Influencers

    Network science pioneer Duncan Watts shares findings from studies of Twitter data.

  4. Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Last Click Metrics
    Marketers need a wider lens for high involvement categories where customers may visit a firm’s website several times through multiple channels before purchase conversion.
  5. Text Mining Creates “Map” of Competitive Landscape
    Researchers mine text from online forums to depict the relationships among competing brands and how those evolve over time.
  6. The Power of Marketing Analytics
    A survey of of Fortune 1000 firms shows favorable and apparently sustainable performance outcomes through greater use of analytics.
  7. Principles of Credible Communication

    Why does so much good research get underutilized, misinterpreted, or simply ignored? 

  8. How Does Mobile Marketing Affect the Shoppers Journey?
    Targeted mobile promotions of three product categories increased unplanned spending by 16.1%.
  9. How Technology Can Create and Leverage Emotions: Insights for Marketing
    In pioneering research, Stanford's Cliff Nass showed that people respond to technology with the social rules and expectations of human interactions.
  10. Why Do People Contribute Content to Twitter?
    People tweet to share information, but mostly they want to influence how others see them. 


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