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The seven dimensions of brand love

Brand “love,” or attachment to a brand, might be explained with reference to the psychological literature on interpersonal love. But the deep sense of fit between customers and brands like Apple, Harley, and Starbucks, while not unlike love, deserves its own theory. In the Journal of Marketing, Rajeev Batra, Aaron Ahuvia, and Richard Bagozzi propose a multidimensional construct built from the “ground up.”

Based on studies where consumers report their experiences of attachment to brands, their model of brand love uses significantly broader emotional and self-related constructs than prior work. This includes a sense of natural comfort and fit, a feeling of emotional connectedness and bonding, a deep integration with the consumer’s core values, a heightened level of desire and interaction, a commitment to its long-term use, and attitude valence and strength.

This multicomponent model explains more of the variation in repeat purchase intention, positive word of mouth, and resistance to negative information about the brand than does (1) a summary measure of brand love and (2) a commonly used model with brand attitudes and perceived quality.

Through this richer understanding of deep attachment, the authors offer insight into how shallower forms of brand attraction or liking can be intensified. “Brand Love,” by Rajeev Batra, Aaron Ahuvia, and Richard P. Bagozzi, Journal of Marketing (March 2012), 1-16.

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