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Robert Kozinets’ Journal Must-Reads from 2014

Robert Kozinets is Professor of Marketing at York University’s Schulich School of Business. His research investigates the dynamic cultural interface of technology, consumption, and media.

His recommendations for our 2014 reading list:

“Ideological Challenges to Changing Strategic Orientation in Commodity Agriculture” by Melea Press, Eric Arnould, Jeff Murray, and Katherine Strand, Journal of Marketing, November 2014  

Kozinets: This article deals with a powerful real-world problem: why companies are so resistant to changing their strategy. Examining why more agriculture companies do not adopt organic practices, this article explores the role of ideology in business. It has wide and major implication for understanding why changes in marketing strategy that make sense on paper are so difficult to implement in practice.  

 Free access to journal article until February 27, 2015

“Competently Ordinary: New Middle Class Consumers in the Emerging Markets” by Olga Kravets and Ozlem Sandikci, Journal of Marketing, July 2014

Kozinets: Emerging markets such as the BRIC countries are incredibly important to transnational marketers. This article offers a rare and valuable deep dive into the consumers in an emerging market, and shows how they carefully interpret signals from marketers in pursuit of their own important goals for a cosmopolitan style that remains rooted in their meaningful traditions.

 Free access to journal article until February 27, 2015

“Creating the Responsible Consumer: Moralistic Governance Regimes and Consumer Subjectivity” by Markus Giesler and Ela Veresiu, Journal of Consumer Research, October 2014 

Kozinets: Who takes responsibility for decisions such as purchasing more sustainable products: governments, corporations, or consumers themselves? In this important article, which was recently presented to the UN, the authors argue that the widespread shift of responsibility to consumers is not in the public interest, but benefits corporations. Knowledge of these trends should concern all marketing managers today.

 Free access to journal article

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