Journal Selections from MSI - October 2013

This issue highlights ten recent articles, noteworthy for their managerial relevance, from four of the top marketing journals.

Are celebrity product endorsements worth the investment?
This research demonstrates that the right endorser with good fit and appeal can be profitable. MORE»

Why do people contribute content to Twitter?
Some users want to broadcast to the world, while others are motivated by status-seeking. Which motivation prevails? MORE»

More features boost appeal of “fun” products
How many attributes should marketers include in their product displays? MORE»

Price and advertising effectiveness over the business cycle
Analysis of U.K. data set reveals that economic contractions lead to greater long-term price sensitivity, while economic expansions lead to greater long-term advertising elasticity. MORE»

Why firms give customers more than they need
With budgets tight, firms cannot afford to waste resources by adding more features to products than would be valued by customers. MORE»

How does mobile marketing affect the shopper’s journey?
Mobile promotions can motivate shoppers to travel further inside the store, inducing greater unplanned spending. MORE»

The indirect value of products
Indirect network effects matter when assessing the value of online products. MORE»

How advertising works in emerging markets
Further proof that successful marketing and brand building can differ significantly between developing and developed markets. MORE»

One way to build trust with skeptical consumers
In an increasingly skeptical and mistrusting world, finding ways to gain trust with consumers is vitally important for marketers. MORE»

The power of marketing analytics
Marketing analytics are often under-appreciated and under-supported; this research reinforces their power. MORE»


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