Journal Selections from MSI (April 2015)

Curated knowledge from the leading marketing journals.

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Features ten impactful articles from the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science

Cross Channel Effects Drive Advertising ROI
Online advertising can have significant positive effects on offline sales.

Which Marketing Actions Move the Needle?
Attitudinal metrics capture important diagnostic information for marketing decision making.

Social Tagging Networks Offer Brand Insights
Analysis of user-generated keyword “tags” provides valuable insights into brand health and financial performance.

The Risks and Rewards of Identity Marketing
Ads can backfire if consumers see them as restricting their own ability to express their identity.

Influencing Customer Opt-In and Opt-Out
Marketers should avoid over-marketing to customers who have joined a permission-based email program.

Internet Ads Perform on Par with TV Ads
When differences in preexisting brand knowledge are taken into account, Internet ads perform as well as TV ads.

When to Focus on a Competitive Threat
Smaller brands can compete with bigger brands with the help of consumers who want to have their voices heard.

“Starting Solutions” Improve Product Customization
Customers were more satisfied with their choices and purchased more feature-rich products.

Leveraging Customer Habits
Why marketers should apply habit measures to a wider array of customer purchase and promotion behaviors.

Can TV Advertising Be Too Entertaining?
Face-tracking study looks at why, when, and how much to entertain viewers in TV ads.

New Tools and Methods for Marketers


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