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How Does Mobile Marketing Affect the Shopper’s Journey?

Understanding how mobile marketing affects the consumer shopping journey is vitally important.

In a study in Journal of Marketing, Sam Hui, Jeffrey Inman, Yanliu Huang, and Jacob Suher explore the effectiveness of two shopper marketing strategies—product category relocation and mobile promotion—on unplanned spending.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking to collect in-store consumer path data, they found that, on average, shoppers travel approximately 1,400 feet in a grocery store, and that traveling an additional 55 feet generates around $1 per shopper in additional unplanned spending.

Mobile promotions that motivate shoppers to travel further inside the store can induce greater unplanned spending.

Their simulations suggested that relocating product categories boosted unplanned spending by 7.2%, but targeted mobile promotions of three product categories increased unplanned spending by 16.1%. 

In a field experiment, the researchers also demonstrated that mobile promotions aimed at increasing travel distance significantly increased unplanned spending. This demonstrates the potential efficacy of a mobile promotion strategy that is not being used at present—sending mobile promotions for categories that are far away from planned product categories. 

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The Effect of In-Store Travel Distance on Unplanned Spending: Applications to Mobile Promotion Strategies by Sam K. Hui, J. Jeffrey Inman, Yanliu Huang, and Jacob Suher, Journal of Marketing (March 2013)

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