MSI 2023 Calendar of Events


1/18 – Webinar: Capitalizing on Convergent Commerce to Reach Consumers in their Blended Online and Offline Shopping Worlds | Alison Chaltas (Ipsos), Brendan Light (Ipsos) 

1/31 – Webinar: Marketing and Firm Value | Shuba Srinivasan (Boston University), Dominique Hanssens (UCLA) 


2/15 & 2/16MSI Summit | UCLA 


3/14 – Workshop: Two-For-One Conjoint: Bayesian Cross-Category Learning for Shared-Attribute Categories | Eric Bradlow (University of Pennsylvania) 

3/28 – Webinar: Privacy Rights and Data Security: GDPR and Personal Data Markets| Tony Ke (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 


4/4 – Webinar: Watching People Watch TV: How Viewer Tuning, Presence, and Attention Respond to Ad Content and Predict Brand Search Lift | Jura Liaukonyte (Cornell University), Matthew McGranaghan (University of Delaware) 

4/11 – Book Series: The Future of Purpose-Driven Branding: Signature Programs that Impact & Inspire Both Business and Society | David Aaker (Prophet) 


5/2 – Webinar: Millennials and the Take-Off of Craft Brands: Preference Formation in the U.S. Beer Industry | Bart Bronnenberg (Tilburg University)  

5/4 & 5/5 – MSI Analytics Conference: Technology, New Data Streams, & Marketing Strategy| Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania  

5/9 – Webinar: Ensembling Experiments to Optimize Interventions Along Customer Journey: A Reinforcement Learning Approach | Yicheng Song (University of Minnesota) 

5/16 – Workshop: The Customer-Base Audit | Peter Fader (University of Pennsylvania) 


6/6 – Book Series: Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence | Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto) 

6/20 – Workshop: Digital Customer Engagement | Wendy Moe (University of Maryland)  

6/27 – Webinar: Regulating Privacy Online: The Economic Impact of the GDPR | Samuel Goldberg (Stanford University) 


7/11 – Book Series: Using Choice Architecture to Design Better Decisions | Eric Johnson (Columbia University) 

7/13 – Webinar: Data Deserts and Algorithmic Exclusion | Catherine Tucker (MIT) 

7/19 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: Livestream Shopping and Dynamic Customer Interactions | Xiao Liu (New York University) 

7/20 – Webinar: What is ChatGPT and How Will It Affect Marketing Practice? | Zhou Yu (Columbia University) 

7/25 – Book Series: Assemblage – The Art and Science of Brand Transformation | Emmanuel Probst (Ipsos) 

7/27 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: Applying “Explainable” AI: Using Theory to Understand AI Emotion Models | Hortense Fong (Columbia University) 


8/1 – Book Series: Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance between Intuition and Information | Christopher Frank (American Express), Paul Magnone (Google), Oded Netzer (Columbia University) 

8/2 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: “Responsible AI” and Data Ethics | JoAnn Stoner (Mastercard), Miriam Vogel (EqualAI), and Mary Purk (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania) 

8/9 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: AI and the Future of Online Retailing Shopping | Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov (eBay) 

8/15 – Webinar: On the Perils and Potential of Mobile Location Data | David Schweidel (Emory University) 

8/17 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: Mega or Micro? Influencer Selection Using Follower Elasticity | Ryan Dew (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania)  

8/23 – MSI Analytics Conference Rebroadcast: AI at the Front End of Innovation | Jessica Yankell (PepsiCo) 


9/5 – Webinar: InnoVAE: Generative AI for Understanding Patents and Innovation | Dokyun Lee (Boston University) 

9/12 – MSI Immersion Conference | New York, NY  

9/26 – Book Series: Happier Hour: How to Spend Your Time for a Better, More Meaningful Life | Cassie Mogilner Holmes (UCLA) 


10/3 – Webinar: Firms’ Focus on Brand and Customer Management: Measurement, Development, and Financial Consequences | Werner Reinartz (University of Cologne) 

10/12 Webinar: Why Good Gifting is Good Business: Perspectives from Academic and Industry Leaders | Nivi Chakravorty (, Jeff Galak (Carnegie Mellon University), Julian Givi (West Virginia University)

10/17 – Webinar: A Bias Correction Approach for Interference in Ranking Experiments| Ali Goli (University of Washington) 


Nov TBD – Workshop: Simple Marketing Metrics for the C-Suite | Sven Bähre (Adidas) and Bruce Hardie (London Business School)  

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