Ten Highlights from 2016

A year at the Marketing Science Institute

A fresh look at data-driven media

Our conference, Data, Disruption and the Transforming Media
, at New York University offered new evidence and emerging questions on programmatic buying, behavioral targeting, attribution modeling, and predictive analytics.

"I've never had to pay such close attention to the content of a conference. Wonderful."
John Deighton, Harvard University

koen pauwels ‏@romimarketer Feb 24
#MSIconf is the only place where #thoughtful #practitioners ask about #selection #bias @MktgScience

Anindya Ghose ‏@aghose Feb 24
Excited to join a great lineup of industry disruptors & academic leaders today @NYUStern #MSIConf

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A deep dive for up-and-coming marketers

Immersion 2016 offered a day-and-a-half of learning for 60+ members, introducing them to the practical value of scholarly research.

“Loved this conference! There was so much valuable information shared, and I met amazing people.” Tiffaine Stephens, Eli Lilly and Company

“Great conference! I plan to take back key insights to my organization.” Stephanie Craig, The Procter & Gamble Company

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What are marketers' top concerns?

“By asking our Trustees to select those statements or questions that most resonate with their experience, we aimed to capture the ‘voices’ of those making important decisions about marketing today.”
2015-17 Executive Director Kay Lemon

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New ways to reach always-on consumers

At the Spring Board of Trustees meeting, Understanding Customers
in a Digitized World
, attendees explored what we've learned about how
consumers think, feel, and act in a connected world.

“I have seen a kind of magic happen at meetings. People come together,
share their perspectives, problems, and experiences, and come away
energized, enlightened, and excited. It can be truly electric.”
Marni Clippinger, President

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Taking on the big issues

An MSI taskforce met in Miami to develop a research agenda on Understanding Digitized Customers in Digitized Market Environments.

“Over our two-day meeting, it became clear that these are big, messy problems that will be critical to the future of marketing. The scope and complexity of these themes will require not just cooperation among academics and practitioners, but a unique level of direct collaboration.”
Andrew Stephen, Oxford University & Cait Lamberton, University of Pittsburgh

David Bell ‏@davidbnz May 13 Thanks again @MktgScience for fantastic conference on #digital ... Cheers @AndrewTStephen @CaitLamberton for leading

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Gaining real insights from social media

Marketers from 23 MSI member companies met at Facebook headquarters in July to explore quantitative and qualitative approaches with Wendy Moe, University of Maryland, Rob Kozinets, USC, and Facebook’s data science team.

What was your “ah-ha” moment?
"'If your data is messy, whatever model you build may not be reliable.' Absolutely agree with Wendy on this. You may reap better benefits in the long-run by making small investments or putting in extra effort to ensure data accuracy."
Biswajit Sahoo, Walmart

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Key findings and frameworks for marketers


The November issue of Journal of Marketing capped a two-year research initiative led by Executive Directors Kevin Lane Keller and Kay Lemon, offering a comprehensive review of the issues most important to MSI members.

In seven articles, leading academics provide findings and frameworks and articulate emerging questions on MSI’s research priority topics.
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Marketing in the consumer internet of things

At George Washington University, digital marketing experts Donna Hoffman
and Tom Novak led a day-long conference.

“Very informative. Loved the format and balance of business and academic
—can't wait to take back with me to my work and colleagues.”
Blair Wolfe, The Vanguard Group

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Learning to think like disruptors

Dartmouth professor Peter Golder led a day-long workshop, Design Thinking: Learn to Think Like a Disruptor.

“This was a great topic. I've done innovation work in the past but this brought in some nuances to help with the innovation process. It was bite-sized enough to incorporate into daily work. Thank you!”
Christine Thurm, Hallmark Cards

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New MSI office space

In 2016, we held several workshops and meetings in our newly renovated office space. We hope to welcome even more visitors in 2017. Please stop by!

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