Research Resources

Overview of the process

The 2016–2018 research priorities are the result of a multi-stage process. First, we invited all member company Trustees, current and past Academic Trustees, Executive Directors, and Young Scholars to identify pressing marketing challenges and critical issues for the future. We asked them first to identify: “Big pressing issues for the next 2–5 years (if we knew more, I could be more effective),” and then to consider “Issues that we may not be thinking about now, that will emerge as critical for marketing in the next decade.”

To gain additional insights, we held two member regional meetings, one in San Francisco and one in Philadelphia, and convened industry-focused work groups at the November 2015 Trustees meeting in Phoenix. This “raw data” was then analyzed and combined into the final ballot which was sent out to all Trustees.

We approached the final ballot in a new way. In addition to asking Trustees to rank the broad topics identified in discussions with our member companies, we asked them to consider the very rich and specific comments that also emerged in those discussions.

By asking our Trustees to select those statements or questions that most resonate with their experience, we aimed to capture the “voices” of those making important decisions about marketing today. We received a great response from our member companies, with input from almost every member company in the multi-stage process, providing a strong mandate for the resulting key priorities.

2016-2018 Research Priorities