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Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape

Prepared by Denise Dahlhoff, 2017, 17-302

As retailing undergoes drastic change, consumers are shopping and buying in new and different ways. At this conference, held at the Wharton School on June 22-23, 2017, leading scholars and select industry experts discussed how this changing landscape has transformed the consumer decision journey. 

The Evolving Customer Experience and Customer Journey Landscape: Views from Theory and Practice
Making a Difference with Customer Experience Management
Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College and Marketing Science Institute
Frank Grillo, Harte Hanks

Challenges That Digitally Native Vertically Integrated Brands Are Facing / Perspectives on the Future of Retailing
Moderator: Barbara Kahn, Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Panelists: Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker, Rachel Shechtman, Story, and Jessica White, Glossier

Consumer Perspectives on Retailing
Moderator: Dipayan (Dip) Biswas, University of South Florida
Panelists: Susan Broniarczyk, University of Texas at Austin, Andrea Morales, Arizona State University, and Joann Peck, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Gift Registries and Consumer Decision-Making
Susan Broniarczyk, University of Texas at Austin

When Beauty Backfires: Negative Effects of Aesthetic Products
Andrea Morales, Arizona State University

But I Want to Touch! How the Sense of Touch Can Influence Consumer Decisions
Joann Peck, University of Wisconsin—Madison

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Conference Resources from Wharton's Baker Retailing Center

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Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape

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