Conference Summaries

Board of Trustees Meeting: Marketing in the Crossfire

As political, social, and technological trends accelerate, firms are pressed by new issues and questions. The November 2-3, 2017 Board of Trustees meeting offered expert perspectives from academia and business on how marketers—and brands—can navigate hazards and leverage opportunities.

The Past, Present, and Future of Brands and Branding
Kevin Lane Keller, Dartmouth College

Reinventing Business
Sunil Gupta, Harvard University

Brand Success Through Coolness and Authenticity
Margaret C. Campbell, University of Colorado-Boulder

B2B Marketing in a Global Ecosystem: Lessons from the Solar Industry
Robert Olsen, DuPont Electronics and Imaging

Global Brand Building in the Digital Age
Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, University of North Carolina

On Data, Measurement, and the Future of Digital Marketing
Doug Sharp, Oath

The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era
Neil Malhotra, Stanford University


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