What Marketers Are Talking About - November 2013

Why marketers should aim for “ordinary” influencers
A Twitter study coauthored by Microsoft Research’s Duncan Watts shows that “everyone’s an influencer.” Here’s why that matters to marketers.

The power of content-integrated advertising
A recent study finds that customer-initiated, content-integrated advertising is the single most effective tool for convincing consumers to make purchases on the Web.

The surprising social benefits of digital content interactions
Research coauthored by Donna Hoffman shows that interactions with digital content can make people feel more connected to others.

Pricing online content: fee or free?
Firms often use static paywalls for online content, but this study finds that flexibly adjusting the amount of paid content is more likely to increase revenues.

How does mobile marketing affect the shopper’s journey?
Targeted mobile promotions of three product categories prompted shoppers to travel further in the store—and increased unplanned spending by 16%.

Getting more-reliable “intelligence” from social media data
Marketers are “listening in” to social media, but do current metrics offer a reliable picture of how consumers feel about their brands? Not according to a study coauthored by Wendy Moe.

How real-time brand behavior builds trust in the social era? (Video)
Strategist Laurie Coots offers ten rules for managing brands in the social era. Rule #10: “It is all about brand behavior.”


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