Top Ten 2017 Articles

Our annual list of most-viewed articles

1. 5 Things I Know About Marketing: Harvard's John Deighton
"It’s human nature to want to attribute success to our actions, not to good fortune. Often luck is a perfectly adequate explanation."

2. 3 Must-Read Articles from Alexander Chernev, Northwestern
Recommended reading on sampling neural data, managerial biases, and ad experiments

3. Harvard's Gerald Zaltman on the Power of Imagination
"Marketing is a world populated by major blank spaces. The willingness and skill to imagine what is missing is what generates big insights."

4. Top Download: A Framework to Understand and Manage CX
Award-winning report by Arne De Keyser, Katherine Lemon, Philipp Klaus, and Timothy Keiningham 

5. ARF President Scott McDonald: 5 Things I Know About Marketing
"For the most part people are not paying attention to us, to our advertising messages, and to our brands."

6. What to Read (and Why) from Social Media Expert Wendy Moe
"The challenge of extracting actionable insights is becoming more daunting. The key . . .  is to focus on fundamental marketing questions and to design the data analysis around answering those questions."

7. Short Talks, Big Ideas
Three top early-career academics discuss their latest work

8. Marketing in the Real-time Future
Highlights from November 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting

9. Must-Reads from Sharon Shavitt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“As marketers seek to gain more individualized learnings about their current and prospective customers, these readings highlight new insights for market segmentation and for consumer incentives.”

10. How Product/Channel Decisions Influence Customer Value
 Retailers can nudge customers from an exploratory state of learning about a product and the retailer to a higher-value trusting state.



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