Top Ten 2016 Articles

Our annual list of most-viewed articles

1. 5 Things I Know About Marketing - Dartmouth's Kevin Lane Keller
”It is really easy to get swept up with marketing to the customers at the top of the pyramid and ignore the needs of those at the base in the process,” says Keller. “Both matter, but they need to be marketed to differently.”

2. 5 Ways to Use Neuroscience in Marketing
New methods can provide critical data about underlying processes (from Journal of Marketing Research).

3. Most-downloaded Paper Tackles Marketing ROI “Ambiguity”
“Marketing Return on Investment: Seeking Clarity for Concept and Measurement” by Paul Farris, Dominique Hanssens, James Lenskold, and David Reibstein earned 2015 award.

4. Best Paper Examines Consequences of Customer Engagement
How customer engagement can alter—not simply augment—existing customer–company bonds, by Conor Henderson, Lena Steinhoff, and Rob Palmatier

5. 6 Expert Views on the Consumer IoT
Highlights from MSI's September 30 conference at George Washington University

6. Marketing Wisdom from Wharton's Jonah Berger
"Forget 'friends' and 'followers'," says Berger. "To get people to share our message, we have to understand the psychology of sharing."

7. A Better Way to Measure Ad Effectiveness
"Ghost ads" are a low cost scalable method to improve ad accountability.

8. What Are the Right Benchmarks for Your Social Media Metrics?
Perceptual mapping provides a more nuanced "voice of the customer."

9. Georgetown's Rebecca Hamilton – 5 Things I Know About Marketing
“Early in my research career, I started to find convincing evidence that consumers make some pretty large and systematic errors when predicting their preferences,” says Hamilton.

10. Incorporating Emotions into Evaluation and Choice Models
Understanding the importance of emotions drove Kmart Australia repositioning (from Marketing Science).


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