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Shaping Customers’ Coproduction Experiences

Marketing communications can “inoculate” consumers against setbacks.

In a large field experiment, Till Haumann, Pascal Güntürkün, Laura Marie Schons, and Jan Wieseke show that customers’ perceptions of coproduction intensity (effort and time investment) negatively affect their satisfaction with the process.

Since customers often perform coproduction activities without direct service employee involvement, they are mostly beyond the marketer’s direct control. However, marketers can “inoculate” customers against setbacks via communications that alleviates potentially negative effects of coproduction intensity. The authors suggest that firms can positively shape customers’ perceptions of coproduction processes through communication strategies that:

  • Emphasize the economic value of coproduction (which may also help the firm attract more price-sensitive customers);
  • Highlight the relational value of engaging in coproduction (e.g., assembling furniture, preparing meals) with family or friends;
  • Offer immediate support when customers experience difficulties;
  • Point out potential difficulties in coproduction tasks and offer service hotlines, live chats, and other online tools.

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Engaging Customers in Coproduction Processes: How Value-Enhancing and Intensity-Reducing Communication Strategies Mitigate the Negative Effects of Coproduction Intensity by Till Haumann, Pascal Güntürkün, Laura Marie Schons, and Jan Wieseke, Journal of Marketing (November 2015)

Journal Selections from MSI (June 2016)


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