Putting More Science in Innovation

In June, MSI joined with the Journal of Product Innovation Management to co-sponsor a research workshop on “Innovations in Data-Rich Environments” at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business.

“This initiative is spot-on for MSI,” says Executive Director Kay Lemon. “ 'Innovation, design, and strategy in an age of disruption’ is one of our five research priorities for 2016-2018.  As our members have told us: We need new models for innovation and product development in an age of big data and analytics.  We need to be able to systematically evaluate innovation using quantitative tools. We need to put more science into innovation.”

The workshop, co-chaired by Charles Noble and Neeraj Bharadwaj, both of UT’s Haslam College of Business, brought together industry professionals and academics who presented their research on topics such as using text mining and machine learning to grade ideas, data-driven innovation of product-enabled services, and the organizational impacts of big data marketing. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Journal of Product Innovation Management.

MSI is also supporting the JPIM initiative with seven accelerator grants; these aim to help researchers strengthen the impact of their work as they go through the journal review process.

“One of the most critical things MSI does is fund research that moves the needle on important marketing problems,” Lemon concludes. “By sponsoring this topical research and by encouraging researchers to deepen the insights that they can bring to business, we believe that we are really fulfilling our mission.”

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