MSI President/CEO Marni Clippinger to Retire in 2017

Marni Clippinger, President and CEO of the Marketing Science Institute, will be retiring at the end of 2017 after 30 years at the Institute. Executive Committee Chair David Poltrack, CBS Corporation, announced her forthcoming retirement at the April 6, 2017, Business Meeting of the Board of Trustees in Boston.

“When you think about MSI, many terms come to mind: thoughtful, reflective, depth of understanding, intellectual capital, provocative,” he said in his remarks. “But there are other terms I associate with MSI—dignified, elegant, passionate, collaborative, caring—these define Marni Clippinger, who has been the spiritual leader of MSI for the last 30 years. She personifies the values of MSI. Working with Marni has been a joy for me and I thank her for her contributions to MSI.”

Marni was named President and CEO of MSI in February 2016. From 2001 to 2016 she was Chief Operating Officer, and before that, Director of Communications and Vice President of Member Relations. She has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees since 1998.

As President, Marni has provided leadership and direction to MSI staff, and worked with the Executive Committee and staff to drive strategy and ensure the ongoing success of MSI. In 2015, she launched a year-long strategic review to guide MSI’s future development.

As Chief Operating Officer and later CEO, she built a uniquely collaborative culture at MSI’s Cambridge headquarters, and strengthened MSI’s relationships with member company Trustees and marketing academics, including the 13 Executive Directors who served during her time at MSI, most recently Kay Lemon, MSI’s 2015-17 Executive Director.

“Marni’s creative energy, keen insights, and generous spirit have been instrumental in MSI’s success and longevity,” Kay said. “One of Marni’s gifts is being able to see both the forest and the trees. She has the remarkable capability to focus strategically and executionally, assuring that MSI’s big initiatives and small details work together to build and sustain MSI’s vision.”

Over her tenure at MSI, Marni has been a driving force in developing a number of important initiatives, including MSI’s Roundtables (gatherings of non-competing MSI member companies and academics) and the annual “Immersion” conference which introduces rising member company marketers to the practical benefits of academic research. She promoted the development of MSI’s first website in 1996, as well as Insights from MSI, a biannual “managerial translation” of MSI-funded research.

In 2011, as Chief Operating Officer, Marni orchestrated MSI’s 50th three-day anniversary celebration in Boston, which brought together business and academic marketing thought leaders from around the world and highlighted MSI’s many important contributions to the field of marketing.

Ed Buckley, United Parcel Service, who is incoming Chair of MSI’s Executive Committee, said, “In her impact on the people connected to the organization, Marni’s spirit has literally lifted MSI over the decades. Her unmatched ability to foster collegial and collaborative relationships among members, academic partners, and MSI staff has led to the generation of new ideas and insights that have materially advanced the science and practice of marketing. I look forward to continuing to work with Marni as we transition the leadership role to a successor who will build on the positive trajectory that she has established."

Search Process Underway
A search for Marni’s successor as President/CEO is underway, led by Ed Buckley and Executive Committee member Pamela Forbus, PepsiCo. A description of the President/CEO position can be found here.

Interested candidates should submit only a cover letter and résumé/CV to Search Committee at Please do not submit references at this stage, as they will not be retained. For a confidential discussion or to suggest a candidate, please contact Brian Kostantin, Search Administrator, at 617-491-2060. Candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


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