MSI Organizes for the Future

New executive appointments to meet the demands of today’s marketers

MSI is pleased to announce several organizational changes to best position the Institute for the future, furthering its mission of accelerating the impact of academic research on marketing practice – and of practice on research.

In June, MSI welcomed Scott Beatty in the newly created position of Director of Member Development and Head of Growth. Scott will work closely with today’s most innovative companies to bring MSI’s assets and expertise to more companies across more industries. He will partner with leading companies to help them leverage advances in marketing science to drive better marketing decision making.

Scott has an extensive business development and entrepreneurial background, including recent roles at Telluslabs, Food+Future Colab at MIT, and IDEO, and as founder of innovative technology start-ups focused on innovation platforms, data, natural language processing, and machine learning.

MSI also welcomed Sherry Pincus as Research Program Director. Sherry will work to optimize the processes and systems that enable MSI’s longstanding research program to serve the needs of the Institute’s top-tier academic and corporate partners.

Sherry has deep experience in large-scale program management, running complex initiatives in education and media – including 20 years at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and U.S. News Global Education.

Earl Taylor takes on a new role at MSI as Chief Knowledge Officer. Working across the Institute, he will focus on connecting the insights coming from academia with the critical initiatives of member companies. With deep knowledge of how academic research is – and should be – put into practice at leading organizations, he will help ensure that the best academic research is made accessible for maximum impact on MSI members’ businesses.

Earl was formerly MSI’s Chief Marketing Officer; he came to MSI in 2004 from Research International where he was an MSI Trustee.

“We are excited to bring new talent into the Marketing Science Institute to ensure that we continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our corporate and academic partners,” said CEO Cheryl Toto. “I’m thrilled to have these three executives in pivotal roles here at MSI to help shape the future of the organization.”

MSI also congratulates Gordon Wyner on his retirement as Research Director. Over 30 years of association with MSI, Gordon was a member company Trustee, lead Trustee for Millward Brown, and a longtime member of MSI’s Executive Committee, which he chaired from 2001-2006.


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