MSI and AMA Partner on Journal of Marketing Special Issue

Key findings and frameworks on marketers' top concerns

The November issue of Journal of Marketing provides a comprehensive review of what is known on the topics that are most important to MSI members. Seven articles, co-authored by leaders in marketing academia, summarize empirical findings, offer actionable managerial recommendations, and articulate emerging questions on MSI research priority topics.

The JM-AMA collaboration aimed to synthesize the learnings of years of academic research in a format that would be useful and accessible to marketers. “Marketing is changing so quickly in today’s technology-driven environment; executives and managers on the frontline and cutting-edge of marketing practice need new forms of synthesis to enable them to quickly gain insight into ‘what is coming next,’” write V. Kumar, Kevin Lane Keller, and Kay Lemon in their introduction.

Each of the Journal of Marketing articles, which will be made available online to MSI members in early December, includes frameworks, ideas, and tools that can help marketers identify new opportunities for strategy and action, and that provide support for existing successful approaches.

“It’s great to see the significant progress we’ve made on MSI’s priority topics. This issue promises to be a valuable go-to resource on the issues that all marketers face. Readers will find in-depth answers to marketing questions as well as practical guidance and recommendations on what works. The conceptual frameworks and key insights will also help marketers frame their thinking and accelerate action move more quickly from idea to action in marketing practice,” notes Lemon.

Special Issue Webinar Series

The JM special issue is the culmination of an MSI initiative launched in 2014. At MSI’s “Frontiers in Marketing” conference in July 2015, academic authors presented preliminary overviews of their journal papers and industry leaders offered commentary. This type of bridge-building activity is fundamental to MSI’s mission, said Research Director Gordon Wyner. “We want to make sure that rigorous academic research informs marketing decision making today—especially as the issues that marketers face daily become more complex and dynamic.”

As Keller, Lemon, and Kumar conclude: “This special issue details a state-of-affairs that sees marketing in the throes of accelerated practical developments and theoretical challenges. Taken together, the seven submissions offer a refreshing reminder that the potential for marketing research as a rich, nuanced, and multifunctional discipline has never been greater.”

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