Journal Selections from MSI (November 2015)

Curated knowledge from the leading marketing journals.

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Features 11 impactful articles from the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science

Display Ad Effectiveness in the Purchase Funnel
Important findings on how display ads perform at different stages of consumer decision making

What’s the ROI for Firm-Sponsored Online Communities?
There really are “social dollars” – economic benefits from such communities.

Which Customer Feedback Metrics Are Best at Predicting Retention?
“Top-2-box” customer satisfaction is closely followed by Net Promoter Score

Consumer Traits Are Mostly Stable over Time
Good news for market researchers

Why Marketers Should Add “C” to “RFM”
“Clumpiness” measure of customer behavior can enable better targeting and segmentation.

Understanding “Timeflow” in Consumer Experiences
Important insights for service and product marketers

Dynamic Imagery Moves Consumers
How subtle differences in iconography can shape consumers’ reactions

Leveraging Feature Search Trends
A promising source of market intelligence about evolving consumer tastes

Effects of Buyers and Sellers on Search Ad Revenues in B2B Platforms
A look at the economic returns of attracting new vs. existing buyers and sellers

The Perils of Managerial Empathy
“Empathic” managers are more likely to use personal preferences, and less likely to use marketing research

Does Customer-centric Alignment Improve Firm Performance?
Achieving greater customer satisfaction can add coordinating costs.

New Tools and Methods for Marketers


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