Journal Selections from MSI (June 2016)

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Featuring articles from the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science

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5 Ways to Use Neuroscience in Marketing
New methods can provide critical data about underlying processes.

10 Factors That Boost Mobile Coupon Redemption
Findings of a two-year shopping mall trial

Effects of Service Intervention on Social Media
It’s important to uncover the relationship that drives consumer sentiment.

How Much Should B2B Firms Invest in Customer Retention?
Estimating increases in the value of a customer’s expected future transactions

Shaping Customers’ Coproduction Experiences
Marketing communications can “inoculate” consumers against setbacks.

An Investigation of Patient Empowerment
Cross-disease exploration addresses critical research gaps.

The Value of Retargeting
Effectiveness of ad personalization hinges on timing and placement.

Valuing the Resource of Time
Is time valued differently than goods and services?

Transformational Events in B2B Relationships
Implications for how marketers design loyalty-building programs

Incorporating Emotions into Evaluation and Choice Models
Understanding the importance of emotions drove Kmart Australia repositioning.

Improving Profitability on Win-Backs
Match customers on the basis of reason for defection.

Evidence That Marketing Power Predicts Firm Performance
Powerful marketing departments enhance returns on total shareholder value.


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