Carl Mela Named 2017-19 MSI Executive Director

At the November 2016 Trustees Meeting, Carl F. Mela of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University was announced as MSI Executive Director for 2017-19. He succeeds Katherine N. Lemon of Boston College, and will begin his MSI appointment in July 2017.

Mela is the T. Austin Finch Foundation Professor of Marketing at Duke University. His expertise is in economic and statistical modeling to generate insights about the effects of marketing activity on brand equity as well as the role of the internet and new media on consumer and firm behavior.

His research appears in the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Harvard Business Review, and Journal of Consumer Research, and he has received or been a finalist for over thirty best paper awards including the INFORMS John D.C. Little Award, the American Marketing Association’s William O’Dell and Paul Green Awards, and two MSI Best Paper Awards.  He was an inaugural MSI Young Scholar and currently serves as an MSI Academic Trustee.

"As a true data scientist with a passion for consumer, customer, and strategic market issues, Carl will be a great asset to MSI,” said Lemon.

Mela is also the academic facilitator of MSI’s Advanced Analytics Roundtable, and has spoken at many MSI conferences. Most recently, he chaired MSI’s February 2016 conference, “Data, Disruption, and the Transforming Media Landscape.”  “Carl has keen insight into the current and future issues facing marketers,” said MSI President Marni Clippinger. “He is a great choice for our next Executive Director." 

In his remarks to Trustees at the November meeting, Mela acknowledged the wealth of knowledge and expertise represented by those at the meeting and in the larger MSI community. “With those capabilities by my side, I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and very much looking forward to working with you in the coming years.”


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