Top Journal Awards to 2017-19 ED Carl Mela

At the June 7-10, 2017 ISMS Marketing Science conference, 2017-19 Executive Director Carl Mela and coauthors received two top awards for their Marketing Science papers:

ISMS Long-term Impact Award

“Building Brands" by Berk Ataman, Carl Mela, and Harald van Heerde, Marketing Science (November-December 2008). This paper addressed the question: Which marketing strategies are most effective for introducing new brands? The authors shed light on the question by ascribing growth performance to firms’ postlaunch marketing choices.

The ISMS Long-term Impact Award is given annually to a marketing paper published in Marketing Science, Management Science, or another INFORMS journal that is viewed to have made a significant long-run impact on the field of marketing.

ISMS John D.C. Little Award

“Zooming in on Search: How Do Consumers Search for Cameras Online” by Bart Bronnenberg, Jun Kim, and Carl Mela, Marketing Science (September-October 2016). In this paper, the authors describe online consumers’ search behavior for differentiated durable goods using a data set that captures a detailed level of consumer search and attribute information for digital cameras.

The ISMS John D.C. Little Award is given annually to the best marketing paper published in Marketing Science, Management Science, or another INFORMS journal.

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