About MSI

MSI Staff

Cheryl Cramer Toto

President and Chief Executive Officer
Call with questions about membership, conference programs, roundtables, Executive Committee, and corporate and academic contacts.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×226
Email: cheryl@msi.org


Carl F. Mela

Executive Director
Call with questions about research programs, projects and policies; competitions; business and researcher referrals; general academic matters; own research.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×225


Earl Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer
Call with questions about corporate membership and funding sources for research programs.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×239
Email: etaylor@msi.org


Salena Casha

Manager, Technology Strategy & Implementation
Call with questions about the MSI website and systems.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×223
Email: scasha@msi.org


Hanna German

Manager of Digital Experience
Call with questions about the MSI website and conference registration.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×233
Email: hgerman@msi.org


Kate Grey

VP, Programming and Chief Experience Officer
Call with questions about member benefits, how to connect with other members and academics, member roundtables, or to nominate Trustees to your organization.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×228
Email: kate@msi.org


Susan Keane

Call with questions about MSI Reports, working papers, Relevant Knowledge Series, MSI Review, and Insights from MSI.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×232
Email: skeane@msi.org


Brian Kostantin

VP, Finance & Planning, and Chief Operating Officer
Call with questions about administration and financial matters.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×230
Email: bkostantin@msi.org


Alex Prentice

Events and Engagement Manager
Call with questions regarding MSI Conferences and Events.
Phone: 617-491-2060 ×221
Email: aprentice@msi.org